Is your homemade coffee cake gluten free?

Answer: Yes our homemade Coffee cake is gluten free. 

What is your mochi made out of? 

Answer: Our homemade mochi is made out of Rice flour. 

What is your half off sale? 

Answer: Our half off sale is at the end of every day. The reason for the half off sale is that we can sell what we have left over for that day since we make our food fresh daily. 

What are the rules for half off? 

Answer: There are a few simple rules we ask you to follow so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently

  • Please do not run or push
  • Please be generous to others
  • Please don't buy anything that you are not going to eat so others have a chance
  • Please wait behind the white line (The white tiles) 
  • Hiding food is not allowed. 

What goes half off?

Answer: All of our pre cut sashimi that's for take out  also our hot bentos and cooked fish go half off. 

Where does your sashimi come from?