In 1974, Shuji Suruki started the first (and only) door to door Japanese grocery store on wheels in the 
Bay Area covering San Francisco, Peninsula and down south to Salinas.  His customers were families of 
Japanese business men, Nisei and Sansei (2nd, 3rd generation Japanese) and farmers growing carnations, 
roses, chrysanthemum and strawberries.  It took two days to cover the area to Salinas and the 
customers would wait for him to come until midnight, and spend a night at a nearby motel.
The Suruki Japanese Foods grocery store opened in 1980 on Broadway Ave. in Burlingame.  The store on 
wheels continued for another 6 months during the early evening hours to San Francisco and South San 
Francisco area.  

In 1990, the store moved to the current location as Suruki Supermarket to expand the operation.